Testimonials matter.

Having quality, credible testimonials can make or break a sale.

Prospective customers want to know that you have have the experience and the skills to deliver on your promises. For this, they look to testimonials, online reviews, and social proof – do you have past customers who can vouch for and recommend your services?

If you don’t have great collection of testimonials, chances are good that the biggest hurdle standing in your way is simply asking for them. The good news? There is a simple fix!

Download How to Automate Testimonial Collection to learn:

  • How and when to automatically ask your customers to share a testimonial
  • What process to follow and questions to ask to get meaningful feedback
  • How to manage your testimonials, keep them organized, and display them for the world to see
  • How much time it takes to set all of this up. (Hint: it’s under an hour!)

This step-by-step guide will walk you through a proven process that you can complete in as little as an hour and then let run in the background while you watch the praise roll in. Fill out the form to download it now.